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The LUANGWA VALLEY, which marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, is one of the last unspoilt
wilderness areas and possibly the finest wildlife sanctuary in Africa. It covers an area of over
9000 sq. km. through which the meandering Luangwa River runs. The ox bow lagoons, woodland
and plains of the valley host huge concentrations of game – including elephant, buffalo, leopard,
lion, giraffe, hippo – and over 400 species of birds.

  Overview of the Safari

The RPS MOBILE WALKING SAFARIS have long been known as the best wilderness experience of the South Luangwa. Robin Pope Safaris’ camps offer a unique combination of creature comforts and stunning remote locations in the South Luangwa National Park. However, some of our guests want to get even further out into the wilderness, to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. For these adventurers, we offer dedicated walking safaris.

Walking through the bush is a completely different experience to driving. All your senses are alert. Every sound, every movement – the flap of a bird’s wing, a tail swishing through the tall grass – acquires significance. This is where an expert guide really comes into his own. Not only will he (or she!) point out wildlife and birdlife to you, he will also teach you to hone and sharpen your senses and to spot the clues that lie around you in the bush. As one of our guests said after walking for five days along the Mupamdazi River, it is like reading an engrossing book, compared to watching a film.


Specialities of These Safaris

Walking Safaris: The only way to really discover the secrets of the bush. Walks are led by an experienced naturalist and accompanied by an armed game scout.

Game Drives (not available when on mobile): Conducted in open four wheel drive vehicles by knowledgeable safari guides. Special game viewing seats provide excellent viewing and opportunities for photography.

Night drives (not available when on mobile): Set out in the afternoon. Later, after watching the sun set over the river with a sundowner in hand, the drive continues with a powerful spotlight. The nocturnal world of the bush is witnessed from owls, genets to hunting lions and the graceful leopard.

All Robin’s camps are intimate and highly personalised. Exceptional service has become the hallmark of all Robin’s operations. Flexibility and responsiveness to guests’ wishes are key.

Mobile Walking Safari Fact Sheet



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