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I had barely closed the car door of the white Ford Focus sedan when the rushing and rolling Hennops River clutched my attention. I must say, “I wasn’t surprised, after all I am a lover of water! And I am not talking about swimming pools here (although I do like them too)!” It is true that a smile broke loose upon my face as this ebbing river promptly placed me at peace!!

We didn’t bother wasting any time as Alana and I took to sporting about on the rusty green 2 seater cable cart (our ride across the river), steering above the rapids! While others terrified of heights opted to leave. In my honest opinion I didn’t think it was all that high (but I advance my respect to those who opted to leave)!

We were warmly welcomed by a little Jack Russell terrier, and yes Jimmy the resident dog was game for this today. He walked the entire 13km route with us, pawing his way over ladders, bridges, and boulders (you name it). Occasionally stopping along the way with us to slurp a sip of water as a generous fellow hiker gently poured some out to him. It was a somewhat exciting & scenic walk, and at one point we also had to cross a suspension bridge… ALAS most of us did, but again some folk turned back…!

This beautiful trail which traverses along the Hennops River, crosses over and cuts through hilly foothills, ravines & gorges. Also, several historical points of interest are encountered along the way. One such is a veld hospital which was used during the Anglo Boer War (also known as the Second Boer War outside of Africa, and which was the result following a century of conflict between the Boers and the British. The pertaining argument rose between the two regarding who would govern and benefit from the profitable Witwatersrand Gold Mines). A little further on we encountered an underground cave deep into the ground and surrounded by traces of old settlements, as well as interesting rock formations (A great area of interest for history lovers)!

Kudu flourish in the area and are spotted all over the Hennops farm. Bird life is also prolific along the river, gorges and plateau areas. There are several swimming points along the way, as well as a swimming pool (lovely one) at one of the camps. And all this lies in the pulsing heart of Gauteng… only 45 minutes from Joburg! It is certainly a nature lover’s paradise which offers two different trails – a 6.15km and 13km (Don’t forget to take a braai or picnic for after).

Accommodation is available at Hennops, rustic, although very comfortable. For alternative accommodation in Hartbeespoort area check out AA Travel Guide Accommodation



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