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  • 4x4 Africa adventure

Behind the scenes on incredible 4×4 Africa adventure

“This area is a massive wilderness reserve known for its untouched and diverse landscape. Therefore the entire region is vastly scenic, untamed, ruggedly beautiful and offers a more adventurous challenge.”  ~ 4×4 Africa adventure


Ken Burrows and Janetta Laubscher share a photo journey story that not many souls would dare to brave. In fact this is an expedition and rugged 4×4 adventure through deep-rooted Africa. And sometimes with zero facilities!

Their journey started at Ruacana Eha Lodge in northern Namibia. It offers visitors an opportunity to come face-to-face with forgotten Africa. Then from here they continued to Moimba, home to the traditional Himba tribe. According to Namibia Tourism, “The Himba are an ancient tribe, living in the north-west region of Namibia. No doubt the north-west is a remote corner of the country that few tourists visit. Consequently it is left relatively unexplored and perfect for the adventurous traveller.”

Meanwhile the next stretch, Foz Kunene to Flamingo Beach Camp was a treacherous leg for the expedition. This included passing through the 60km stretch called the Killing Zone.

Incidentally this rugged route is renowned for seizing its vehicles. In addition the journey includes a significant amount of beach driving where waves smash into dunes!

The route led them to Flamingo Lodge which is located amidst 70 km’s of uninhabited coast! And because of this the area supports virtually untouched populations of fish. Furthermore it is surrounded by highly diverse desert landscapes containing some areas of special beauty.

Ultimately the diverse coastal landscape of Angola can be split to harbour different types of sport fishing. Therefore the area surrounding Flamingo Lodge offers fantastic surf fishing as well as offshore fishing.

From here their journey took them to Lubango. And strangely enough this stretch included relatively good roads ahead. The city has some of the country’s top rated attractions. For instance one such is the Statue of Christ the King which was inspired by the famous Rio statue.

Next they were on to Lobito, a city found in Bunguela, and one of Africa’s finest natural harbours. The actual town was built in 1843 by Maria II of Portugal. In Lobito visitors also have access to a supermarket and restaurant facilities.

Pictured below is some of their journey past Sumbe and Port Amboim before arriving at Cabe Ledo. from here on gives rise to incredible sunsets, sunrises and beaches with crystal clear water. Another draw card are the great culinary experiences, and especially the seafood!

At this point Cabe Ledo is considered an international surf beach and had plenty of activity to keep this expedition busy. For example, river cruises, fishing, surfing, and not forgetting soaking up the rays.

Next departing from Cabe Ledo they travelled north across the Cuanza River and bypassing Luanda. Through a baobab forest the expedition followed a coastal road on to Macula. Once again no facilities were avialable and the part was left to camping on the beach.

From here on they travelled north to Soyo to the mouth of the Congo River. Presently this River is considered one of the most powerful rivers in Africa.

The last stretch of this expedition took the party through mountains, forest, and bush river campsites. However there was also little in the means of facilities along this rustic stretch before ending their 4×4 Africa adventure.

4×4 Africa adventure

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