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Find the best Chinese horoscope holiday guide here

Similar to the Western zodiac, the Chinese one also has 12 signs. However, instead of being based on star constellations, each year is represented by one of 12 animals that…

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The perfect popular authentic pasta recipe right here

25 October is World Pasta Day and to celebrate this fabulous food Trafalgar is sharing a recipe designed to reflect The Good Life. Libero Saraceni is an Italian chef that…

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February Festivals

February festivals you must celebrate once in a lifetime

2017 Celebrates some of the greatest once in a life-time February festivals which includes: The Rio Carnival; The Pingxi Lantern Festival; The Venice Carnival; and The New Orleans Mardi Gras!…

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Revealing the best harvest culinary tour in Puglia

“A harvest culinary tour that allows you to harvest your own extra virgin olive oil! Ever wonder exactly how they get all that delicious extra virgin olive oil from those…

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Munch is the most epic food tour across Europe

“Designed as the ultimate European foodie experience, Contiki’s newly launched Munch trip recognises food as a key travel motivator, taking travellers on a gastronomic journey across some of Europe’s top…

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The best of Italy outdoors, food and wine in the Dolomites

“An Italy outdoors hiking tour in the Dolomites epitomizes the Best of Italy; stunning vistas, amazing and unique cuisine, and distinctive, as yet undiscovered local wines. Join Vernon McClure, trained…

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The Venice Carnival is on the 10 Must do Events in a Lifetime

A world famous annual carnival, and considered to be one of the most beautiful! Fantastic costumes are displayed in St Mark’s Square, and Venice is the perfect back-drop.  The Enchanted Palace party…

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You need to make this fascinating Indo Italian fusion dish

“Fusion cooking is a combination of various types of cuisine. In fact it has become popular by demand, almost a way of life. This is creating traditional dishes from cultures…

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best Italian sauce

The best Italian sauce you will ever taste

“In Italy you just mention that you are making ragù, and the butcher knows the exact cuts to give you. But anywhere else in the world, you should probably ask…

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Cooking classes that will make you cook like an Italian

 “First and foremost, we have fun!  We feel cooking should be relaxing and enjoyable.  You won’t have some high-class chef peering over your shoulder criticizing everything.  In fact, what you’ll…

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