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Indian Ocean Islands

The most celebrated Reunion calendar event

One of the most celebrated events on the Reunion calendar, The Liberté Métisse festival commemorates the abolition of slavery, effortlessly demonstrating the island’s diversity through interactive storytelling, artistic showcases, educational…

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scary 700 metre free climb

The most scary 700 metre free climb Madagascar

“American Sasha DiGiulian has become the first woman to free climb the 700-metre Mora Mora and only the second person in history to do so,”~ Red Bull     The professional…

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The free and practical guide to Reunion

“From moon looking volcanoes to clear blue lagoons, this tropical French Island offers the traveller a unique concentrate of emotions. In only a few days, you will have experienced a multitude…

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How to choose the right resort in Mauritius this holiday

“What is a beautiful holiday for me, might be the epitome of boredom for another. Thankfully, World Leisure Holidays provides a diverse bouquet of Sun Resorts. In fact they could…

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The best Seychelles adventures and extreme things to do

“The diversity of the Seychelles landscape rushes up to greet you the moment your aircraft begins its descent and promises a long list of exciting things to do. Seychelles is…

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