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Combe Thibaut, Out There Global Ski Ambassador, France



About the author

CombeThibaut Thibaut Combe, 17 years of age is a French freeride skier. Since the age of 2 he has been skiing the French Alps, and it became an embedded life passion. It is not surprising that the sensation it produces became his addiction! Growing up he spent all of his money on ski equipment, and tickets for lift passes. Of course some thought him crazy but how else would he learn. Others think he is crazy risking his life on the dangerous mountain passes, but his reply is prompt, "Doing these difficult and dangerous passes is part of learning and living for me." Always in his forefront are two key elements: his respect for the mountains, and his preparation which keeps him ahead. He has participated in 2 freeride junior tours:1. Camonix finishing 22/60 2. Verbier finishing 22/49Unfortunately due to the expensive nature of these tours, Thibaut has not been able to participate in more events. 2015 sees Thibaut participating in all the junior tour events in France we he aspires to finish in the top 10. Currently Out There Global is a media sponsor however he is on the look-out for other sponsors to help him realise his dream.Over and above skiing, Thibaut is generally in love with sports, because he says, "Through sport we learn good values, and how to respect others, and to mutually help". Other sports that he participates in is triathlons, climbing, sailing, surfing and sandboarding!


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