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Try this ultimate tantalizing crazy Australian dessert

Explore now...IngredientsMethodIngredients "Chocolate Aero with whiskey jelly and blood orange marshmallow, coconut milkshake & salted caramel sauce!" ~ Smudge Eats     If you looking to impress at your next dinner... Read More

Best Caipirinha Recipe via the Brazilian Chef

Explore now...CaipirinhaCaipirinha   This is Brazil's national drink made from a combination of lime,  sugar and cachaca served on ice. If you are wondering what exactly cachaca is? It is... Read More

The best original Italian sauce you will ever taste

Explore now...Ragu RecipeMapAccolades & ReviewsRagu Recipe In Italy just mention ‘ragù’, and the butcher knows the exact cuts of meat to give you. But anywhere else in the world, you... Read More

Blow your mind with this chicken potjiekos recipe

Explore now...Chicken Potjie RecipeChicken Potjie Recipe  "In the mid-Iron Ages it was recorded that people ate stews, porridge and soups cooked in open pots. Most probably accompanied by bread. Eating... Read More

Brazilian Street Food Recipe, Coxinha

Explore now...Brazilian Street FoodBrazilian Street Food Anderson Querioz, The Brazilian Chef presents Coxinha! I suppose, the first thought to many minds is, what on earth is coxinha? Well, in a... Read More

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