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“The Yorkshire Dale’s rolling hills treats one to eye-catching views of deep ravines waterfalls and some of England’s most enriching landscape. Adventure your way with hiking, biking, caving and climbing across the Pennines and Yorkshire Dales National Park.” ~ Lost Earth Adventures

The Yorkshire Dales has many tempers; it can be wild and windswept or quietly serene. The landscape is impressed with the finest examples of limestone escarpments. In addition to green rolling moorland, waterfalls, high summits, deep ravines, and dry stonewalls snaking their way across the hillside and the quaint villages that line its valleys. Underneath are vast cave systems, a labyrinth of winding passageways, stalactites and stalagmites and a world few others get to experience. It has been carved out over millennia, beginning as a glacial expanse.

Together, nature and people have created a special countryside of titanic beauty and charm.

The epic adventures include hiking, biking, caving and climbing your way across the Pennines and Yorkshire Dales National Park. Lost Earth Adventures couldn’t make this weekend more fun, exciting and full of adventure if they tried!


Yorkshire Dales Epic Adventures Highlights:

  • Rock climbing along an impressive limestone scar
  • Explore one the best areas in the UK for caving
  • Mountain biking across the Pennines
  • Hiking in “Wainwright’s Limestone Country” to the top of Ingleborough
  • Relaxing accommodation at the base of iconic Ribblehead Viaduct

Epic Adventures Experience Level:

None – All activities on this tour require no previous experience and although included, are optional. Lost Earth Adventures provides all instruction, equipment and plenty of staff.

For more information visit Lost Earth Adventures

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