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In an “Indian File” fashion we traversed the rock ridge of the Magaliesburg Mountain Range. The cool of the morning, nipped my cheeks as I leafed through a collection of flora. My eyes feasted upon scattered wild olive trees, aloes, pineapple lilies and what appeared to be large trumpet like flowers that strutted out between knobs of rock.

Greedily I inhaled and devoured as much of the sweet scents that my lungs could grasp, while the ringing of the highly vocal red crested cuckoo chirped ‘piet-my-vrou’, as though a broken record. Slowly I exhaled with the main objective of the day in mind – to discover the rock pools. Red-faced we continued criss-crossing cliffs until we trudged to the bottom of a wooded ravine.We were drawn to the crashing sounds of water spilling over rocks as gentle mist mizzled over us. As we peeked ahead we were not disappointed with the glint and shimmer through trees of cascading water.

A natural playground lay before us with rock pool after rock pool connected by natural rock slip ‘n slides, and this accompanied by a picnic to feast our hunger! Between snacking we slid faster and faster, and disappeared beneath the icy crystal clear water (occasionally avoiding what we called the bumpy 4×4 route), laughing, sometimes close to squealing – we certainly did feel like children about their playground.

I smiled, as I realised we bagged another day of water and adventure, and our bruises completely forgotten.



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