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The best Antarctica photographic safari out there

“From 17 to 30 November 2017, bespoke travel outfitter Natural World Safaris is taking a 13-day Antarctica photographic safari expedition. Furthermore it will be lead by Canon accredited wildlife photographer Andy Rouse! Travelling on-board the M/V Akademik Ioffe, this expedition will offer 7 full days on the continent.  As a matter of fact this is 2 days more than most standard Antarctic expeditions. And this in addition to longer tundra landings by zodiac to understand this magical destination.”


Sensational Antartica footage by Natural World Safaris

Now guests can capture Antarctica’s wildlife on safari with award-winning photographer Andy Rouse, Andrew James and Natural World Safaris. Accordingly Andy and the charter company have together designed the topmost Antartica itinerary. As a consequence its devotion is to getting the best wildlife pictures, and the most astonishing wildlife experiences. First and foremost specialised lectures and workshops will teach you how to capture and preserve on film. However, since the expedition is predominantly governed by the weather, Andy will discuss the next day’s options the evening before. Of course this ensures you are fully briefed, and can efficiently prep for the following morning.

+ Itinerary

Today you arrive in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and the starting point for your adventure to the frozen south.

This morning, take some time for any last minute preparations prior to starting your ultimate Antarctica safari.

DAYS 3-4 / 19-20 NOV: AT SEA
Two days will be spent navigating the famous Drake Passage, a deep waterway up to 600 miles wide which connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans between Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands.

Spending as much time as possible in zodiacs!

DAYS 12-13 / 28-29 NOV: AT SEA
Weather conditions will determine when the anchor is pulled up; however the plan is to set sail today, back to Ushuaia.
Today the plan is to arrive back in Ushuaia; depart the ship and say farewell to your new travelling buddies.


Photographic Guides:

Andy Rouse a world renowned photographer has a plethora of experience photographing in Antarctica. He will be able to assist you with lighting, angles and composition. Therefore with him you will be able to capture the best images of the snowy Antarctic landscapes and unique wildlife.

Andrew James has a wealth of experience writing about photographic techniques and equipment. No doubt, he uses this knowledge in practical use taking phenomenal photographs worldwide! Andrew loves passing on his photographic advice, so you will be in good hands throughout the expedition.

Finally, what makes this Antarctica photographic safari extraordinary?

  • Fully stabilised ship for a smoother Drake Passage.
  • And excellent onboard facilities including email, gym, and on-deck hot tub.
  • Departs in November when Antarctica is at its most stunning.
  • Fantastic wildlife sightings including several species of penguin, seal and whale.
  • Andy Rouse will be your expedition leader and wildlife photography mentor.
  • Expert photographer Andrew James will join you.
  • Make the most of photographic workshops and critiques on-board.
  • Ultimately the opportunity to camp on-shore; be one of few to actually sleep on the Antarctic Peninsula (subject to conditions).
  • Flexible itinerary to ensure you are in the right place at the right time for the best wildlife photography opportunities.

Finally, this 14-day expedition costs from £6,500 per person, excluding international flights. For more information please visit Natural World Safaris 

Photography by ©Andy Rouse


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