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  • Hike near Joburg

Easily the most rare waterfall hike near Joburg

“This hike near Joburg, Dome Pools is a hiking paradise, involving an easy walk along a stream to some of the biggest and deepest rock pools in the Magaliesburg. This makes it a fantastic venue for swimming in the summer months.” ~ The Mountain Club of South Africa

Dome Pools is host to some of the deepest, most beautiful gorges, rock pools, waterfalls, and natural slip and slides. On our trips out there we also thoroughly admire the surrounding lush vegetation and fauna. Most often spotted is the klipspringer! And baboons are often heard barking in the surrounding mountains, almost as though they are laughing at us. Too, also bird watchers will thrive off of the tranquility of the area.

We usually traverse a stream most of the way in a single file fashion, along a not too difficult trail. Another great attraction along the way are the weathered rock formations along the steep sided gorges.

In fact The Magaliesberg offers excellent rock climbing opportunities. Actually spread across its many kloofs and escarpments the climbing is mostly traditional. In fact a small number of sport climbing venues frequent the area offering hundreds of routes across a wide range of grades.

Your reward at the end of this trail is most certainly the spectacular chain of rock pools connected by natural slip ‘n slides. And of course dotted by cascading waterfalls. When ever we participate in an adventure hike like this, we are sure to pack a picnic. For your peace of mind the area is pleasantly covered by enough shade.

And don’t forget a floater to easily sail your way through the many rock pools. We usually buy a child’s pool floater from any toy store or supermarket. Between snacking we make the most of the water activity available to us. 

This hike near Joburg is a highly recommended prescription if you are wanting to mend from the yuck of city life. Summed up I can certainly say, “It certainly is both an adult and childrens’ playground area alike”! But remember there are limited permits available to continue conserving the area, so make your booking ahead of time. 

Remember to pack:

  • Plenty of water – at least 1 – 2 liters
  • Energy drink
  • Snacks for while walking
  • Picnic lunch
  • Water shoes if you have. The rocks may be slippery
  • Camera – not an expensive one or preferably waterproof, there are a lot of water crossings
  • Floater – best part of the hike is lazing on the water
  • Cap / hat
  • binoculars

To book this waterfall hike near Joburg:

Contact The Mountain Club of South Africa

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