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The ultimate in a winery experience

 “In La Rioja you can “feel” wine, without drinking it. In this land, a winery experience is the main topic of conversation, of small and great celebrations. It’s a way of life that only those who have spent some days here can understand. The passage of time has created a particular local culture based on making and ageing wine. And turned the people of this land into true masters in this skilful art!” ~ La Rioja Turismo

Situated in the north of Spain, La Rioja is synonymous with wine. This is where their most internationally recognised wines are produced. These exquisite wines are the product of centuries of tradition; they enjoy great standing and will captivate all those who taste them. First & foremost wine in La Rioja is not just a drink! By and large it embraces a whole culture, deeply rooted in this land of vines and wine cellars.

A trip through the region will be enough to convince you how far the region’s existence is bound up in the wine culture. To discover this world of aromas, colours, nuances and sensations is an experience not to be missed. And La Rioja is the ideal place to set off on a journey into the world of wine.

The ultimate in a winery experience

Rioja ultimate wine experience

La Rioja Turismo says, “Of course you can visit a winery, or two, or three in La Rioja. We have over 80 wineries with guided tours of the 500 that exist in the community.” In fact one can even embark upon a wine tasting course, or enjoy the treasures of the wine museum. The museum houses thousands of secrets related to wine. Consequently it is a must for anyone interested in the long cultural life of wine, from ancient Egypt to modern day.

Above all, imagine sleeping among the vineyards, dining in a cellar or a picnic in the vineyards. Furthermore you can take a guided tour of a vineyard. Here they will explain the agricultural tasks and chores carried out year-round. You can even participate in them and help harvest the grapes or prune the vines. Another great way of experiencing wine is to pair it with its best companion Riojan cuisine.  Each dish is accompanied by the wine that best complements its flavour and texture.

“But the wine experience does not end there, you can even enjoy wine without drinking it, with a relaxing treatment vinotherapy taking advantage of the antioxidant powers of the grape of Rioja,” says La Rioja Turismo.

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