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Symphony Orchestra of India Presents “Shakuntala”

“A pedestal for promoting the culture and heritage of this diverse nation, India, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is home for all artists trained in the field of music, dance, theatre, literature, photography and films.”


With its base in Mumbai, the NCPA is renowned for its innovative approach of endorsing culture via workshops, seminars, concerts and educational events that highlight various forms of art. Often seen as a venue offering unlimited talent (both Indian as well as international), this universal ground is well connected with international organisations and their festivals including Edinburgh Festival, Carnegie Hall, London Symphony Orchestra and various other organisations which believe in the concept of upholding the importance of culture in retrieving the past and developing the future.

The video showcases the “Symphony Orchestra of India” (SOI), India’s first and only professional orchestra which was established at the NCPA. With conductors like Mr. Zane Dalal as its Associate Music Director and Mr. Marat Bisengaliev (renowned violinist) as its Music Director, the SOI is epitome of classical music in the South Asian subcontinent. With an increasing number of home grown talent coupled with handpicked international professionals, the SOI is on its way to achieve worldwide repute for musical excellence. Reminiscing, narrating and creating legends, this orchestra has been finding its way through Asia and Europe while it sways to the melodies of some of the best composers of history.

Symphony Orchestra of India Presents Shakuntala

The current video is a glimpse into an Indian legend written by one of the most famous Sanskrit writers of all time: Kalidasa. His works have often been translated in several other languages and been a source for presenting plays, ballads and other forms of musical time travel. “Shakuntala”, as we HEAR it today is one of Kalidasa’s best works which finds its seeds twisted in Hindu mythology. A king who falls in love with a hermit’s daughter but loses his memory soon after she is carrying his child, Shakuntala is a closer look into the flaws of tradition, the grandeur of ancient times and a ritualistic mythology soaked in the seeds of love. This tale was later composed into a concert overture by the Hungarian composer Karl Goldmark in 1865 and since then has been passed on to each generation’s artists for seamless performances. Delve further to find all that was lost in love and time.

For further information regarding the Symphony Orchestra of India visit National Centre Performing Arts, Mumbai

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