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The most sensational tapas by an insider

 Learn to make authentic and sensational tapas via Spanish recipes by Nuria! “Tapas are an exquisite, varied and choice example of popular gastronomy which allows you to share a variety of dishes and try a wide range of different products. All the tastes of Spain in a single meal, and generally at very reasonable prices.” -TURESPAÑA

Nuria is a well known blogger living in Spain. Google food blogger in Spain and you will see what I mean. Therefore, when I was looking for a gourmet exploration of Spain, naturally I approached her, and she agreed to share her tapas recipe.

She says, “The secret to happiness is always in the small things. Write this recipe down and look for a sunny spot, and a beer”.

“It’s hard to choose just one, they are all absolutely delicious! You can also make your own! It’s not difficult at all! Prepare some of the ingredients the day before, and then, when everybody is at the table with a glass of wine, or beer surprise them with a beautiful looking tray of tapas! You will be original, and your guests will be delighted. And will probably come back the next weekend asking for more?”, she says.

Tapas recipe:

Tapas 1:

  • 1 boiled quail egg
  • A string of roasted peppers
  • Anchovies in vinegar
  • Olives
  • Bread (good crusty or freshly baked)
  • Extra virgin olive oil and salt.

How to prepare anchovies in vinegar? Clean the fresh anchovies: remove the head and guts. Wash under tap water and place inside a dish. Pour fresh water over to cover all the anchovies. Leave for approximately 1 hour with blood in the water. Rinse again and place in a clean dish then cover with vinegar (a white wine vinegar will leave a soft flavour). Place in the fridge. After two hours, rinse the anchovies and place in another dish, cover with extra virgin olive oil, some sliced garlic and minced parsley. Place in the fridge and it will be ready within 4 to 5 hours. My advise: prepare the day before.

How to roast peppers? Wash and dry the peppers, then grill them until the skin burns and becomes black. Keep them inside a bowl with a lid until they sweat. After one hour peel and once cold store in the fridge.

Tapas 2:

  • Piquillo pepper
  • Guacamole.
  • Bread (good crusty or freshly baked)

Tapas 3:

  • 2 artichokes preserved in extra virgin olive oil
  • Goose or duck foie
  • A fried quail’s egg
  • Salt
  • Bread (good crusty or freshly baked)

How to prepare the artichokes candying/preserve? Cut the outer leaves of the artichokes and rub a lemon against their hearts. Cut in 6 pieces, and put inside a pot and cover with extra virgin olive oil. Turn heat to the lowest possible. Artichokes should not be fried. Leave them there for 1 and a half hours, or until they are tender. Check it with a toothpick. Let them cool down on kitchen paper, then store inside the fridge.


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