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How to see bears on your holiday?

Alaska and Canada offer fantastic chances to spot grizzly, brown and black bears. “Travelling the road less travelled in Canada and Alaska we saw 16 black bears in two days”, says Stuart from London.


“This trip should be on everyone’s bucket list!” Venturing into the wild in a converted school bus means you have more space and it is more like a “home” for everyone: Bigger windows, spacious seating, viewing platform on the roof, and tables to play cards or write your journals.

Stuart continues: “Natalie and Dave from Infinite Adventures are the most passionate, knowledgeable and experienced guides you will ever meet when it comes to camping in Alaska and Canada. Hand in hand with their awesome, one of a kind converted school bus, they take a tour round the outstanding last frontier of Alaska and turn it into the trip of a lifetime.”
Alaska and Canada doesn’t mean it’s cold and snowy. The summer has nearly 24 hours of daylight and average temperatures around 14-25 C. Plenty of time to hike the wilderness, kayak around ice bergs or challenge yourself ice climbing.

If you like outdoor activities and nature along with wanting to explore the amazing landscape and animals of Alaska or Canada, we believe going on an overland trip is the best way to do it. You will be fully exposed to the wilderness: trailblazing, spotting animals and enjoying evenings round the campfire. Yes, sometimes you might lack a shower or a proper toilet, but what is more rewarding than waking up in the middle of nowhere, the sun shining on your face and all you hear is the wind gently moving through the bushes around you.

Camping Alaska & Canada

There is nothing more peaceful than leaving civilization behind for a few days and slow down the pace we live. You will come back home with a new appreciation for your bathroom, bed, kitchen and realize that sometimes a little less (less information, less facebook, less comfort) can make you appreciate what and who you have in your life.

To see bears and book a 12 day Alaska Trip

+ Alaska Denali Expedition in a converted school bus

Arrive for a group meeting, exploring Anchorage city nightlife.
Explore the famous National Park by bus, spot bears and moose and trail blaze in the wilderness.
Camp near Maclaren Glacier in the wilderness under Alaska’s stars and enjoy the rustic lodge the following day.
Camp alongside a river in the largest National Park in North America. Explore the old mining town and get your adrenalin flowing with ice climbing, glacier hikes or rafting (optional).
VALDEZ / Days 10-11:
Find bears catching salmon, enjoy the scenic waterfront and Sea Kayak through icebergs (optional).
LAST DAY / Day 12:
Return to Anchorage by late afternoon (approx 3 pm) (-)


The trip price includes all accommodation/camping, meals cooked off the bus and many of the outdoor activities: Denali National Park entrance and shuttle buses, wildlife viewing and hiking experience, canoe trip on Maclaren River and our remote camp with glacier view in Wrangell St Elias National Park.

More info on www.infiniteadv.com or nataliem@infiniteadv.com

Infinite Adventures currently has an excellent rating on Tripadvisor 


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