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You need to visit these breathtaking Perth waterfalls

“Nothing beats the excitement of finding, then listening to and watching a spectacular waterfall. When you think Perth, you may not think waterfalls. However, there are some hidden gems,” Experience Perth.


Join Downunder Discoveries on walks through some of Western Australia’s incredible Parks, which is also home to magnificent waterfalls in virtually every corner. Late winter to spring is a wonderful time to visit as the falls are all in full flow & the wildflowers are starting to bloom. Cooler temperatures mixed with sunshine and some rainfall equates to perfect bushwalking weather!

Falls that you will visit: National Park & Hovea Falls in the John Forrest National Park; Lesmurdie Falls in Lesmurdie National Park; Sixty Foot Falls in Ellis Brook Valley; & Serpentine Falls in Serpentine National Park.

John Forrest National Park & Hovea

Located in the Darling Ranges about half an hour’s drive from Perth, the park offers excellent bush walking, cycling along the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail and scenic drives.

Several trails run through various parts of the park, including the Railway Heritage Trail, which follows the alignment of the old railway line to York. Visitors can walk through the only historical railway tunnel in WA – the Swan View Tunnel.

There are outstanding views of Perth and the Swan Coastal Plain from the lookout point on the scenic drive. The park also offers a wide variety of attractions and facilities that make it a popular venue for families and groups.

Lesmurdie National Park

Lesmurdie Falls located in the Lesmurdie Falls National Park in the hills east of Perth, are one of the more spectacular waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment. Commencing at the top, this moderate two kilometre walk circuit meanders down to the base of the falls, up close to the lush vegetation, and is quite unique for the Perth area.

The area is especially popular in spring when the falls are flowing and wildflowers are on display.

Breathtaking Perth waterfalls

Ellis Brook Valley

The Ellis Brook Valley in Banyowla Regional Park is a beautiful place just on the edge of the city and on the Darling Scarp. There are four walk trails catering for every fitness level. Sixty Foot Falls is the hardest walk trail and rewards the walker with spectacular views of the city.

The waterfall flow depends on the rainfall during winter months. It can range from water pumping over the edge, plunging into the pool below, a trickle or nothing at all. There are lovely wild flowers in the spring months of September and October.

Serpentine National Park

The steep slopes of Serpentine River valley create a stunning landscape which is home to all kinds of birds and animals. As you explore the scenic forests and plains, it’s easy to see how the area sustained one of the world’s oldest surviving cultures for thousands of years before European pioneers settled there in the 1840s.

The park abounds with bird life, some 70 of the 100 bird species known to live on the Darling Scarp have been recorded in the park.  While picnicking here, it is also quite common to be joined by western grey kangaroos.

+ Discover Perth's Waterfalls Itinerary

First / John Forrest National Park

Your first encounter is to John Forrest National Park, home to two waterfalls - National Park Falls & Hovea Falls. The former National Park Falls drops sharply over 20 metres of sheer rock face, while Hovea Falls cascades down a large granite sheet. John Forrest National Park is set in Jarrah forest still largely in its natural state. The uplands are dominated by Jarrah & Marri with the valley floor featuring flooded gum, swamp peppermint & paperbarks. The park has 10 species of native mammal (one declared rare), and 91 species of bird, 23 species of reptiles & 10 species of frogs so there will be plenty of opportunities to spot native animals in this habitat. There is also variety of wildflowers to explore along the walk to both falls.

Second / Zig Zag Scenic Drive

You then head to the top of the 'Zig Zag Scenic Drive' which provides a panoramic view across the coastal plain to the city of Perth. As you make your way down you twist through the Darling Scarp along the 'Zig Zag' which was originally a section of railway line built in 1903 to transport timber from the top of the escarpment down to the commercial center of Midland. The timber industry eventually closed down, and the rails were removed in 1952. Bitumen replaced the rails, and the Zig Zag became a 3km scenic road.

Third / Lesmurdie National Park

You then head off to Lesmurdie National Park to explore one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Darling Range. Such a beautiful sight to see the Lesmurdie Brook cascade impressively over two main drops totalling about 50 metres. The walk-trails are a great place to see wildflowers. With beautiful scenery & such a relaxing environment to take a break, the park is the perfect setting for your picnic lunch.

Fourth / Sixty Foot Falls

Your next stop is then on to Sixty Foot Falls in the gorgeous Ellis Brook Valley. This walk is a short but steep climb to the top of the spectacular Sixty Foot Falls. It affords magnificent views of Perth and the valley along the way before descending past the old Barrington Quarry. This is where old workings provide a window into the geology of the area.

Fifth / Serpentine Falls

You then head to your last waterfall of the day & of course the best is saved until last. Serpentine Falls is Perths version of the beautiful Kimberley Waterfalls. Serpentine National Park is best known for the waterfall that cascades over a sheer granite rock face, abounds with the scenic beauty of ancient landforms and verdant forest. It is also a sanctuary for an array of plants and animals (particularly kangaroos). Set in a naturally beautiful cleft at the foot of the scarp, the park stretched up the steep slopes if the Serpentine River valley, past a sheer face of granite polished smooth by the rushing waters.

Drop-off at your city hotel or 378 Wellington Street approximately 5.00pm.


Included in price:

  • Fully commentated tour on a comfortable bus with seatbelts
  • Entry fee to National Parks
  • Morning and afternoon tea of fruit, muffins, biscuits & water or fruit juice
  • Lunch of rolls and drink.
  • Drop-off at city hotels

Book a walk to these breathtaking Perth waterfalls:

To book a Perth waterfalls hike visit here

Down Under Discoveries is a small family owned tour company offering a range of nature based tours, walks & hikes to many unique attractions throughout Perth and Western Australia. Their mission is to create connections, build awareness and understanding for people about the natural places around them.

Down Under Discoveries currently has a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor


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