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  • Obstacle Race

Quick Reveal of the Toughest Obstacle Race in Africa

The Jeep Warrior Race is officially rated as the only event on African soil tough enough to qualify a worthy contender for the Obstacle Racing World Championships (the first truly independent global championship for the burgeoning sport).


Having completed the Jeep Warrior Race #4 Commando challenge at Hakahana Trails a few weeks ago just outside Hartebeespoort Dam, I can vouch that perhaps it is for the fearless! And by fearless I imply having the capability to move ahead regardless of one’s fear…

You will get wet and dirty… you will be laughing and you will be crying, but all in all, you will have a blast. But ultimately it is not only about the race it is also about sharing and celebrating your quests and victories with friends, families and even strangers!

“What makes the obstacle race so unique is that absolutely anyone can participate. All you need is a pair of Tekkies” Fritz Pienaar, Warrior Company director commented. “We have various options for various fitness levels ranging from BlackOps for the hard core, Commando for intermediate and Rookie for beginners,” Pienaar added. The addition of a Bratz event for the kids that boast child minding facilities makes the events even more attractive to entire families.

The organisers have certainly gone the extra mile to ensure oodles of fun for both spectators and participants at the Jeep Warrior Race. With great entertainment in the form of live music, DJ’s, beer tents, food stalls and a dedicated product expo area, just to name a few. To get spectators as close to the action as possible, there was also designated spectator view points on the course.

Every precaution possible is taken to ensure the safety of contenders of the obstacle race, including:

  • All structures (more than 20 of the obstacles have structures) are inspected by a safety officer and signed off by an engineer for structural safety.
  • There is a detailed emergency plan in place and great medics around route.
  • Marshals are placed at all obstacles and they have radio communication with marshal leaders, organisers and medical staff.
  • An old borehole was repaired on the property, along with pumps and pipes being bought which supplied fresh water on all water obstacles.

Further details about the obstacle race

With the Jeep Warrior Race now in its third year, there are eight events held each year, with 4 – 6 in Gauteng and surrounds, one in the Cape and one in KZN.To participate all one needs to do is simply accept the challenge, and gather your team. Test your endurance, fitness and mental strength, if nothing else it surely promises to be an exhilarating day!

Visit here for more information regarding the Jeep Warrior Race


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