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Check out this best job in the world for 2 travel addicts

“Busabout is looking for a dynamic duo! Ultimately a duo that has a combined wanderlust for travel, and the desire to produce incredible visual content to showcase! We are the pinnacle flexible travel network for independent travellers! Our modern coaches link up 46 of the best European destinations. Thus allowing you to choose where you go and how long you stay at each place.”

Some would say that working in travel and being exposed to all those wonderful travel opportunities is the best job in the world. Be that as it may at Busabout we think this could be a close second! This because we’re in the market to hire a team who could arguably take this title hands down.

We’re looking for a dynamic duo that has a combined wanderlust for travel and the desire to produce incredible visual content to showcase this. Yes, you guessed it. We’re hiring a team of dynamic travellers to embark on the trip of lifetime to Europe with all expenses paid. 

So forget the daily commute to work where you’re stuck in horrendous traffic and deciding on number 15 or 28 on the takeaway menu for lunch, as a Busabout Global Brand Ambassador you’ll be tasked with tracking down the tastiest Pintxos in San Sebastian or discovering the best nightlight Berlin has to offer and going to some of Europe’s most undiscovered places. Your days will be filled with mesmerising Adriatic sunsets and iconic music festivals.

 In return you will be the face of Busabout and your Video Producer partner-in-travel will produce kickass weekly travel themed vlogs for the Busabout YouTube channel, blog posts for our Blogabout and regular social content across Instagram and Snapchat during your adventure.

 Let’s face it, it’s not just another day in the office, but the best job in the world!

Busabout is not your typical travel company. It’s Hop-on Hop-off gives you the freedom to create your perfect itinerary, using a private door-to-door coach network. You’ll travel with fun, like-minded people, and meet our amazing drivers and guides. It’s your choice, your way.

How to apply for the best job in the world?

So how do you apply? We’re taking applications from around the world – make sure we receive yours by the end of the day on the 5th of March. For more information and to apply visit http://blog.busabout.com/brand-ambassador/

 For more information visit www.busabout.com or contact Busabout on 011 280 8400 / Letsgo@busabout.com. Follow us on social media using the #busabout hashtag – you’ll find us on Facebook and Twitter (@BusaboutSA).



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