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Best Caipirinha Recipe via the Brazilian Chef

Brazil’s national drink made from a combination of lime,  sugar and cachaca served on ice. If you wondering what exactly cachaca is, it is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice.

A popular brand of cachaca is Ypioca although according to Veja Magazine, the below mentioned brands are some of the best:

White: Volupia; Serra Limpa; Coqueiro; Santo Grau ;Serra Preta
Aged: Anisio Santiago; Canarinha; Vale Verde; Nega Fulo; Armazem Vieira

Anderson Queiroz, The Brazilian Chef, shares his home-made family recipe with us. He is a foodie enthusiast who enjoys spending time in  the kitchen, cooking fresh food for friends and family.


  • Lime
  • Normal granulated sugar
  • Cachaca (Brazilian rum)
  • Ice


  1. Cut your Limes into halves and quarters.
  2. Remove the white bits from the center (it makes it bitter).
  3. Into a pestle add 3 tea spoons of sugar.
  4. Add 4 quarters of the lime.
  5. with a mortar, crush the limes and sugar, until all the juice has come out of the limes.
  6. Add a double shot of Rum ( I just count 1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000, 4).
  7. Mix it well, make sure to dissolve all the sugar.
  8. Pour the drink into a glass, add 3 or four cubes of Ice.
  9. taste it, if too strong you might need a bit of water if not sweet enough add more sugar.

Ching ching, and happy cocktail drinking…


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