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An unbelievable and affordable Joburg adventure

“Rustig meaning ‘quiet’ or ‘peaceful’ in Afrikaans is a well-established family farm that has been around since the 1930’s. It’s the ideal place to escape to for the day or the weekend to enjoy the tranquility of nature.’ ~ Joburg Tourism

Hiking adventure near Joburg


We were awed by a real life oil painting, that met us as our car slowly piloted into the Hekpoort Valley. In fact this valley is surrounded by a prehistoric mountain range! And, below blue skies, the Magaliesburg Mountain’s set the scene as a backdrop for a beautifully restored Cape Dutch manor! Ultimately, model gardens were complimented by a grandeur of visiting butterflies, and a natural array of birds’ melodies.

We were eager to set forth and ascend this fetching mountain before us! From here on watching the flat top of quartzite rock, our group of 5 meandered off with map in hand! However under a blazing summer sun we could only stroll forward in slow motion! Still, we found our way through a variety of terrain and constantly changing views. For instance, we wandered through dry woodland, rocky outcrops and lush feeling forest. No doubt our senses were dazzled by such a variety within 5kms. Meeting several groups of friendly hikers along the way, we all merrily rambled along in unison. Meanwhile the youngest hiker by far was a toddler, perhaps two years of age. He sat comfortably in his father’s backpack style carrier while with precision his dad carefully trudged through the rocky outcrops!

Arriving at Nuwejaars Grot all the groups gathered for a pit-stop. And then this little one came out to play, obviously completely at home! I watched as he gleefully engaged with nature, while I snacked on my energy boost of ice-cold watermelon, a blueberry Energade, and a caramel nut energy bar. I was completely satisfied with my surroundings and company.

The entire route is demarcated with excellent signage, and at no point did we ever feel lost. We had a good laugh when we arrived at Slangdraai, and especially me knowing I had seen two snakes there on a previous hike.  Mixed feelings brewed as we passed the sign “Amper Daar / The End Is Near”! Loving the beauty of the mountains, but having cooked good and proper in the sun, we were ready for that dip in their cool blue salt water pool!

We dipped in and out, and headed for lunch upon a shaded stoep (porch) of the manor! We soaked in the peaceful atmosphere with the bare blue mountains behind us.  Starved we placed our order – home-made cheese burgers, with fresh asparagus and artichoke salad, and washed down with an ice cold savannah. We were completely content with life! Drifting aromas of coffee told us that the meal would not be complete without a coffee! We ordered them, but headed back to the pool and our lounges! Re-fuelled with energy and between sipping our roasted coffee, we splashed about, including a dive bomb or two – rehashing our childhood.

About this Joburg adventure

Hikes at Rustig are suitable for all ages. They range from 3kms to an adventurous hike for the ‘Brave Heart’ including a 6 metre high chain ladder, and an overnight hut.  Filled with history and once known as the Kashan Mountains, the Magaliesburg was later named after the Tswana chief Magali who was around at the time that white Voortrekkers first ventured into this part of the world.

Hekpoort (meaning gate) certainly opened our eyes and was flavoursome food for our soul! I will certainly be back and this time for a weekend…

For more information visit Rustig for day outings or weekend getaways!


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