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The former most dangerous hike in the world

“Until recently, this almost 8-kilometre path near Malaga was considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Today the entire route has been carefully restored, earning it the…

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Golden Triangle

How to tour the golden triangle of Andalucía

“Follow in Sultan’s footsteps as you explore 3 diverse and historic cities that make up Andalucía’s Golden Triangle.  Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada are recognised by UNESCO, and each with their…

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Watch the best flamenco performances in Seville

“Flamenco, a culturally expressive vehicle which holds two centuries of history is the most emblematic of Andalusian folklore. Above all, this form of artistic expression in Spain is the most…

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best of seville

The best of Seville in one day

Best of Seville, “According to legend Seville was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. It was called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya with the…

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Costa del Sol

Unlock the sure fire magic of the Costa del Sol

“The spectacular beaches of Costa del Sol will make your visit worth it! Try caving or canyoning, see the Cueva del Tesoro cave, visit the marinas or play golf along…

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See the true flavour of Ronda right here

“The flavour of Ronda provides us with an urbanism armed with diverse architectural styles which is essentially pure and intrinsically beautiful. This same body to which we refer also gives…

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discover cadiz

How to discover Cadiz the oldest city of Spain

“Founded 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians, Cádiz is the oldest city in Western Europe. A stroll along the Cadiz sea front, from La Caleta to the Campo del Sur, will…

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The ultimate in a winery experience

 “In La Rioja you can “feel” wine, without drinking it. In this land, a winery experience is the main topic of conversation, of small and great celebrations. It’s a way…

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