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Be part of the luxury Cherry Blossom Japan extravaganza

Discover the best places to witness the change of the beautiful cherry blossom trees by immersing yourself in unforgettable experiences as we take you on an 8-stop journey to our luxurious hotels…

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It looks like a blow your mind gourmet journey Japan

In 2018 NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong embarks on a “Gourmet Journey” of Japan, titled 2-4-8! This showcases each seasons’ producefrom 2 prefectures, on 1 of Japan’s 4 main islands, with…

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Ultimate route launched by this new luxury Japan train

“A new luxury tourist train in Japan has launched! Offering visitors the chance to ride in style from Yokohama (near Tokyo) to the Izu Peninsula – full of hot springs…

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